What does a printed t-shirt cost?

The variables that affect the final product cost are a) blank t-shirt cost b) number of t-shirts being printed c) the number of prints on the t-shirt d) the number of ink colours required to produce the prints. Check our pricing calculator for basic t’s here. The more you do, the cheaper they get!

Can I add to my order once it has been placed?

Yes, as long as the order has not been set-up or printed already. Adding items may delay the printing time of the order if the items being added are not readily available.

Does it get cheaper when I re-order the same prints?

Not necessarily, the pricing is based on the quantity of items being done per order. The labour to produce a print is repeated every time an order is done. If the order was custom designed by us and artwork was involved those costs are one time and the order cost would be cheaper for repeat orders.

Can I change the ink colour on the same order?

Yes, the ink colour of your print can be changed during a print run for a nominal fee.

How long does an order take?

The turnaround time for orders is typically one to two weeks from approval. This can be longer depending on what product is being done. For example, basic t-shirts can be done much more quickly than hockey jerseys. A customer representative will let you know if there is anything that can possibly delay your order. If you need your order in a faster time frame speak with us and we can try to accommodate your needs.

Is there a minimum amount of shirts I can do?

No and Yes. We have no minimums on prints that require 1 or 2 colours. Keep in mind that the per item cost will go up substantially as the labour involved is of little difference to larger orders. Prints of 3 colours have a minimum order size of 12 pieces. Prints of 4 colours or more have a minimum order size of 24 pieces.

Do you offer embroidery?

Yes, we offer embroidered garments as well as several other imprint methods.

When should I screen print and when should I use embroidery?

For the most part, we suggest screen printing for all t-shirts and most fleece. Embroidery works very well for garments that have multiple layers or heavy texture in the fabric ie. Jackets, Hats, Textured Golf shirts. There are other methods of imprinting we also offer such as thermal heat transfer. We can help provide the decorating solution for any garment to make the image work it’s best on the product you have chosen

Can I get different clothing items done in the same order?

Yes, there are several of different clothing items you can have in your order with the same print, the more items you order will bring down the costs of all clothing items in the order.

Can I provide my own blank clothing to be printed?

Yes, if you have your own clothing we can print it for you. We do require that the clothing be clean and un-used. If there is an issue with the ability to print the material or style of garment we will let you know upon seeing the garment.